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Thursday, September 27, 2012
25th Sunday of the Year 23rd September 2012
In the Public Eye I read recently that after his warm up Wayne Rooney goes into the physio room and prays before every match. He prays not to win but for his health and that of everyone on the pitch, and for his family, friends and the health of everyone he loves. Apparently his top subject at school was RE and he considered a vocation to the priesthood. I was seriously impressed and he now ranks right up there with other well-known Catholics who have spoken about their faith in recent times such as Julian Fellowes, Frank Skinner and Karen Brady. Bishop Kieran Conry (who is chair of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales’ department for evangelisation and catechesis) has called on all of us to show confidence in our faith during the Year of Faith. He suggests pausing for a moment of prayer at 3.00pm, or during our lunch break, on a Friday. Wherever we are he invites us to stop, close our eyes, bow our heads and prayerfully and silently meditate on the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross out of love for each one of us. We could say we are too busy but after the murders of their colleagues this week every police officer in Greater Manchester stopped for a minute’s silence and there wasn’t a crime wave. The bishop went on to say that we could make up a prayer of our own or say our favourite short prayer. Whatever we decide to do he hopes it will deepen our relationship with God and quietly but confidently witness our faith to those around us. His call echoes that of Bishop Mark Davies who recently urged his people to make a personal stand for their faith in the face of a society which is showing growing hostility to public professions of faith. Observing the fact that we do not face outright persecution, the reality remains that Christians have been threatened in their employment and even brought before courts for their witness and some Catholic social care agencies have been closed down by legislation which recognises no place for a Christian conscience. Those are weighty matters beyond most of us, but something as simple as making the sign of the cross as we pass a church or saying grace before meals quietly but publicly even in McDonalds would make us powerful Christian witnesses . Now, who says footballers cant be good role models? Fr Kevin

posted by Sinead Reekie at 11:29 am