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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Third Sunday of the Year – 22nd January 2012

A big THANK YOU to all who sent me messages, cards, gifts, words of encouragement and “Leonidas” chocolates, on my departure from St Mary Magdalen’s. Unfortunately, due to a limitation on time I’ve not been able to express my gratitude on an individual basis, and by the time you read this, I’ll be fully immersed in the S.V.D. parish in Bristol, St Mary-on-the-Quay.

I’ll never ever forget my years in Willesden…so help me God!
Regards- Fr Kieran

And then there was one…

I’m sure that with me you offer Fr Kieran your prayers and fondest wishes for as fruitful a ministry in Bristol as he exercised here. But that is not our only farewell because after next Sunday we say “Goodbye” to Fr Rohitha for six weeks. He is returning to Sri Lanka for his annual leave and will be back with us in March. Thus I will be the only priest in the parish for that period.

As I write this I haven’t arranged for any regular cover but I do plan to talk to the remaining Divine Word Missionaries, Fr Kieran Flynn from the Montfort Missionaries and a few other individuals to help out from time to time.

However, celebrating Mass is not really the issue but rather, given that Sinead is off sick at the moment, there is even less likelihood now of someone being available to answer the door at all times every day. Therefore, I would advise you to call between 10am and 2pm on Monday or Thursday when Marie will be in the office to help you. Outside of those times it’ll be potluck.

On a scriptural basis, given the Gospel’s calling of the apostles and our own parish going from three priests to one – feast to famine – we are ideally placed to pray that more men respond to Christ’s call to become priests. Not that it will help much in the next couple of months but our situation does highlight what could be the norm in years to come…

Fr Kevin

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:25 am