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St. Mary Magdalen's
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Willesden Green
London NW10
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Monday, June 13, 2011
Pentecost Sunday – 12th June 2011

In this church there are over forty different groups involved in diverse forms of service to the parish and wider community. Without doubt one of the most important groups – because of their proximity to the Mass, which is the source and summit of the life of our parish – is our altar servers.

Altar servers play a most important part in the church’s liturgy. Good servers enable us all, priests and laity, to celebrate the Mass and other sacraments in a spirit of prayer.

In 2010, addressing a pilgrimage of altar servers to St Peter’s, Pope Benedict XVI said: “Every time that you approach the altar, you have the good fortune to assist in God's great loving gesture as he continues to want to give himself to each one of us, to be close to us, to help us, to give us strength to live in the right way. With consecration, as you know, that little piece of bread becomes Christ's Body, that wine becomes Christ's Blood. You are lucky to be able to live this indescribable Mystery from close at hand! Assisting your priests in service at the altar helps to make Jesus closer, so that people can understand, can realize better: he is here!”

You may be surprised to hear that we have over seventy altar servers in this parish, who work together in ten teams covering each of our Sunday Masses. We also have a group of ten youngsters who are currently taking part in a five-week training programme to become new altar servers later this summer.

In recognition of their service to the parish, we are holding a “Fun Day Out” for our servers on Saturday 25th June. We will celebrate Mass and have a talk on the martyrs at Tyburn Convent, followed by boating, a picnic and games in Hyde Park. If you are a server and haven’t yet signed up for this event, there are forms in the sacristy. Please come if you can – it promises to be a great day!

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:41 am