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Saturday, September 04, 2010
EXPECTATION: September 10th-12th
EXPECTATION: September 10th-12th

A Mission in anticipation
of the Visit of our Holy Father the Pope,
and of accompanying graces of God.

We are running this mission with the help of some Italian young adults from the Neo-Catechumenal Way, the community of Mother Teresa sisters, and our own Post Confirmation Youth Group and Prayer and Play group. Other parishioners will be, and can volunteer to be, involved with helping.
The purpose of the mission is to reach out to the local community (and to those engaged in the reaching out) in trust that the Holy Spirit will be offering significant graces at the time of the Papal Visit and through our prayers. We hope to make the local community more aware of Christ, the Pope’s visit and the reason for it. They will be invited to an evening of prayer, worship and talks on Saturday 11th September, and to some follow-up talks.

Friday - 6.30pm – Mass (Church)
9.00pm – Night Prayer (Church)

Saturday - 10.00am – Mass – with commissioning of missioners
10.30am – Process to Willesden Green library. Time of prayer, dance music and
witness, inviting people to come to our Church during the evening.
11.30/12.00pm – Move on to Sainsbury’s
2.30pm – Service Project. A soup kitchen at the Annexe.
8.00pm – Main service: Priests and other presenting brief talks between live
music and also available for prayer/confession/chat. Exposition in the Lady
10.00pm – 15-30mins of Adoration and Benediction.

Sunday – Witnesses after all Masses.
2.00pm – Open afternoon at Clergy House.

1st Friday Holy hour on 3rd Sep, 7 pm, was to pray for this intention.

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