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Monday, July 05, 2010
Historic Change to a Brent Borough School
The Diocese of Westminster and the Governors have decided to re-launch Cardinal Hinsley Mathematics and Computing College with a new name, Newman Catholic College. Cardinal John Henry Newman was a very distinguished and wonderful Catholic Leader who wrote many important books and documents that had a huge impact in the Church. He was an inspiring person who did a large number of important things to improve education in the poorer parts of Birmingham in the nineteenth century. During Pope Benedict’s visit to England this September he will beatify Cardinal Newman, the first stage towards him becoming a saint. A very appropriate person as the main patron of our “new” college.

Report from our recent Finance and Premises meeting
We are now moving ahead with replacing the central heating in Clergy House. Many thanks to those who have supported the on-going fundraising for this project. Recently the diocesan head of finance joined our committee to look at the financial side of this project. He was very impressed with the fundraising of this parish over the last ten years in terms of the refurbishment and rebuilding of church and schools.

Notwithstanding your generous increase in giving in March 2009, and our higher gift-aid receipts, which have kept our cash flow in the black we have not been able to save in appropriate amounts. This partly follows from the recent upgrade to the Church boilers and now the house heating, as well our lack of a hall to rent out, and the fact that we have not been able to keep our per capita Sunday giving at a high enough level.

Whilst the Financial Secretary at Westminster appreciates that whilst we are still collecting for the School Fund it would not be feasible to ask for more from parishioners at this time. He does however feel that when the School Fund finishes early next year we will need to increase our income to build up a reserve for the future upkeep of the parish and its buildings.

See porch for Gift Aid Declaration Forms (for taxpayers who give regularly) and leaflets to remember the Church in your Will. Your legacies will help towards the parish, sick& retired priests, priests training programme and the Trinity Fund, or call 0207 798 9375.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:41 am