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Saturday, July 24, 2010
It’s day 3 of the holidays and the weather is not looking promising .. your toddler is whining for something to eat ... your eldest has decided to make it his mission to annoy his siblings in any shape or form ... The house, which vaguely resembled some sense of order just a couple of hours ago, is now descending at break-neck speed into utter chaos. …
• Devise a plan Just like at school – divide the day up into sessions. ... A great idea is to list all the various possible activities for indoor or outdoor play. ... e.g. make a poster, have a music/singing session, go for a long hike, and have a water pistol fight.
• Boredom Busters Save a couple of surplus toys ... for rainy days – e.g. play-dough kit, pack of cards, jigsaws. ... ask the grandparents to bring such items instead of sweets when they visit ... go to the pound store one day and stock up on funky crayons, colouring books and plasticine....
• Sure-fire hits (for free) I’ve never met a child that doesn’t enjoy hide & seek or a good old tickle fight. You will be one popular parent if you’re willing to do some silly stuff with yr kids occasionally. Just remind them that this is a special activity ... get older ones to set up an assault course in the garden and have fun with a stopwatch ... Dressing up & role play can also be fun for all ages up to 10 ...set up “camp” in the living room or under the dining table!
• Always go out ... The day will go much quicker if you get out even for only half an hour. ...
• Go on a picnic You get fresh air, a chance for running off beans and all the crumbs cleared up in one easy move. Phone a friend to join you ...
• Bargain with the older ones... please put away XYZ first, or play with the baby for 15 mins first. Oh, you’d like an ice-lolly? ... first you need to clear up all those crayons &cut up piec-es of paper. Don’t just give them something for nothing all the time (apart from love that is)
• Make a ‘Play date’ with other families ... [discover] your kids are not the naughtiest
• Save the TV or DVDs For when you desperately need some peace and quiet or when a young one really needs to calm down from a busy day ... [or] 30 minutes before you go out ... – use TV time to suit YOU and your plans ...
• Say yes to offers of help that come your way And [... consider] holiday clubs
• ... AND at the end of each day make sure you reserve some time and energy for some child-free pursuit that you enjoy.
This is from Care for the Family website. Check out this website for some really good intuitive games, mainly for younger children but actually for all ages:

posted by Sinead Reekie at 12:57 pm