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Monday, June 21, 2010
Organization for the Papal visit is moving forward. It is possible for us to nominate two people for each English event. If you would like be nominated please fill in a white A5 slip from the back and give to priest or Clergy House. For any lists which get over two names we ourselves will have a ballot and inform successful applicants. it is necessary to do this TODAY, SUNDAY 19TH. It seems that security and cost considerations have meant a severe limitation upon numbers and notice. We must have names and addresses by today.

Each individual person may choose only one of the below events. Please fill in one of the slips and at the back of Church and give in to Clergy House TODAY (19th) making clear which event, and, if it is the Cathedral Mass below, which of the six categories you fall under.

Here are the events for which we can allocate two possible places out of those who sign up today
• Westminster Hall, Friday 17 September. ‘Theme’ – service the Church gives to the culture and shared life of our countries and to the wider world. The Pope will address parliamentarians and others involved with political and civic life.
• Westminster Abbey, Friday 17 September. ‘Theme’ – the common Christian search for God through prayer, contemplation and beauty.
• Westminster Cathedral, Sat 18 Sept, Mass, morning. ‘Theme’ – the life-giving power of the blood of Christ, reflecting the dedication of the Cathedral to the Precious Blood.
We can nominate 2 people for each of the below 6 categories, which will then go into a ballot:
 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion,
 Parishioners who care for vulnerable people
 Married couples marking significant anniversaries this year
 Catholics received into the Church this year – and their sponsors
 Young people Confirmed this year – with their sponsors
 Other parishioners.
• Vigil, Hyde Park, Saturday 18 September, late morning ‘Theme’ – prayer, especially prayer before the Blessed Sacrament - anticipating the Beatification.
• Beatification, Coventry, Sunday 19 September. At Mass, Pope Benedict XVI will Beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, a man renowned for his emphasis upon our need for God’s revelation through the Church, his commitment to education, the hymns he wrote and his dedicated and faithful service as a Parish Priest. The whole diocese has only 110 places for this event! Likely to be leaving extremely early in the morning of that Sunday.
In addition we hope to provide the opportunity to some of these on a big screen at parish events.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:48 am