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Friday, May 21, 2010
Pentecost 23rd May 2010 Year C
PAPAL VISIT 16-19 Sept - retiring collection today, & see prayer cards at the back
Unlike Pope John Paul’s “pastoral” visit in 1982 this is, primarily, a State Visit and will have a missionary character. Access to these events will be limited though all will be live on the internet. We hope to take at least a coach load to Coventry on the Sunday. Watch this space. Because there is also a pastoral dimension the Catholic church is expected to pay about 1/3 of the £18m it is costing. Hence today’s retiring collection.

Thursday 16 September - Scotland
He will go firstly to Edinburgh where he will be received by Her Majesty The Queen, and people representing British society. He will then travel to Glasgow where he will celebrate an open-air Mass

Friday 17 September - London
On the second day of the visit, Pope Benedict is going to St Mary's University College, Twickenham. He begins the day praying with representatives of religious congregations - particularly those who have a charism for education, then meeting leaders of education and enterprise, who also are people of faith, in the newly refurbished Walpole house.

He will then go and meet about 3,000 young people - schoolchildren, students - to celebrate Catholic education. From there he will then meet and discuss with religious leaders and others.

Later in the day, the Pope is scheduled to meet with the Archbishop of Canterbury to speak and the Anglican diocesan bishops and the Catholic diocesan bishops of England and Wales.

He has then been invited, as part of the State visit, to address British society. Representatives of British society will be invited to Westminster Hall to hear the Pope's address. He will finish off the day with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Christian leaders at Westminster Abbey with Evening Prayer.

Saturday 18 September -London
Pope Benedict will celebrate Mass in Westminster Cathedral where he will also, from there, greet the people of Wales. Later in the day he will visit a home for older people, giving the Pope an opportunity to go to those who cannot meet with him. In the evening he will lead a prayer vigil in Hyde Park.

Sunday 19 September -West Midlands
The Pope will beatify Cardianl John Henry Newman at Coventry airport. He will conclude the day by meeting with the bishops of England, Scotland and Wales in Oscott College, in the chapel where John Henry Newman preached his “Second Spring” sermon.

There will be a special missal and a question and answer booklet produced. This latter will be able to be given to anyone interested in our faith.

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