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Saturday, May 15, 2010
Ascension Sunday–Year C – 16th May 2010

As this is the first of our two First Holy Communion weekends we are continuing the series from where we left off exactly two years ago!


What is Holy Communion? Jesus. That which was bread, has become, at the consecration, the Body, Blood, soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Why? To feed us with his divine life in a human manner. The Son of God is the means of becoming sons of God for all creatures, including all angels and humans. For humans this means the Son of God becoming human, with a physical body. His physical body participates in enabling us, soul and body, to become sons of God. We need to touch and feed upon this Body, as a baby needs the mother’s milk, for sustenance in body and soul.

Did Jesus teach this? Yes, see John chapter six, where he repeated that we must really “chew upon” his actual flesh and drink his actual blood, if we are to have life in him. It is the one place in the Bible where his repeated teaching, sadly, made lots of his followers walk away from him.

So when we touch the white Host (after the consecration at Mass) are we really touching Jesus? Yes. If you shake hands with Fred Bloggs you are literally touching the person of Fred. In Holy Communion we are literally being fed by Jesus’ Body and so intimately, humanly, encountering the person of Jesus, our true Bread of Life, the One who took on a Body to nourish us with himself to give us life and life to the full, eternal life.

How does Holy communion fit into the Sacrifice of Christ in the Mass?
The gift of Holy Communion is a fruit of Jesus’s eternal Self-Gift, through His life and death on earth.

Should we make a sign of reverence before going to Holy communion?
Yes, the Church strongly recommends a bow, sign of the Cross or genuflection, as the previous person is receiving. One can receive Jesus on the tongue or the hand, kneeling or standing.

Why do we say ‘Amen’?
As we together received Holy Communion at the meeting point between the Sanctuary and the Nave, The Bridegroom, commits to His Bride the Church, and we say ‘Amen’ – ‘so be it’.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 10:16 am