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Monday, February 08, 2010
POPE LIKE JESUS IN LAST SUN’S GOSPEL: “The People suddenly became enraged”
Last Monday Pope Benedict said that the measures enshrined in the government’s Equality legislation partly go against the “natural law”. For saying this he has received much criticism and ‘gay rights’ campaigners along with ‘humanists’ have said that they intend to mount pro-tests when Pope Benedict comes to England later this year. The Chief Rabbi & others have supported him, and the government has pulled back, probably with an eye to the Papal visit.

The position of the government and of such campaigners and many other cultural icons in our society is that the rights of active homosexuals to be unimpeded in having their relationship treated as normal trump the rights of Christians not to so cooperate. Hence Catholic adoption agencies have been closed down, individuals such as Gary McFarlane (who refused to give relationship counselling to same-sex couples) and Lillian Ladele (who refused to register civil partnerships) both recently lost their jobs and their appeals, Catholic schools are being forced to make children aware that, without their parents consent, they can access medical contraception and abortion services, and now, in the latest Equality legislation, religious organizations were to be forced to be open to employing people who are publicly living lives that contradict our vision of love e.g. actively ‘gay’ ‘partners’. (Though on this latter point the government backed down on forcing us to employ such people as leaders, and since the Pope’s remarks, to employ such people in any capacity.)

The Pope has, in recent years, quite often pointed out the perversity of this drift concerning human rights: - it is cutting off the branch upon which it is sitting. The very concept of “rights” flows precisely from the Christian vision concerning the dignity of the human person, which was at the roots of western civilization. However because this very civilization, at least in England, is removing its Christian foundation, it is removing the coherence of its vision of rights. Thus, with an extreme irony, and arrogant inconsistency, an exaggerated version of ‘gay rights’ is being used against the right to religious freedom, which latter concept is at the very heart of any coherent concept of rights at all. The Pope has repeatedly pointed out that this is a dangerous situation. Whose rights will be next to go in the headlong march to make sexual gratification an absolute right? For this is surely driving so much of the secularization

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:00 am