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St. Mary Magdalen's
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Willesden Green
London NW10
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Saturday, January 30, 2010
Here is what they are Patron Saints of:

St Andrew – feast day 30th November - of Scotland
St Anthony of Padua - feast day 13th June - of the poor, the oppressed, elderly, amputees, starvation, expectant mothers, fisherman, harvest, sea travels, travel hostesses, boatman, waterman, mariners, sailors and shipwreck
St Benedict – feast day 11th July of kidney disease, poison sufferers, dying people, fever sufferers, farmers, Europe, civil engineers, people in religious order, and students
St Bernadette – feast day 16th April – of the sick people, poverty and family
St Christopher (meaning Christ Carrier) – feast day 25th July - of safe travel
St Dympna – feast day 15th May – of those who suffer mental, mental health professionals, nervous system disorders, epileptics, incest victims, and runaways.
St Gerald Majella – feast day 16th October – of motherhood, &women trying to conceive
St Joseph – feast day 19th March & May 1st – of the universal church and workers
St Jude Thaddeus – feast day 28th October – of hopeless and desperate cases
St Francis of Assisi - feast day 4th October – of Animals and the environment
St Francis Xavier – feast day 3rd December – of missionaries and sailors
St Martha – feast day 29th July - of cooks and servants
St Martin – feast day 12th November – of vintners and alcoholics
St Michael the Archangel – feast day 29th September – of the Christian church
St Paul – feast day 29th June – for us all and for catholic for truth
St Patrick – feast day 17th March – of Ireland
St Peregrine – feast day 1st May - of cancer patients.
St Peter – feast day feast day 29th June – of popes, fishermen, for all of us.
St Rita – feast day 22nd May – of impossible cases
St Theresa of Lisieux– feast day 1st October – of Aids sufferers, aviators, bodily ills, florists, illness, loss of parents, missionaries and tuberculosis
St Teresa of Avila – feast day 15th October – of headache sufferers

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