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Saturday, January 09, 2010
The Catholic Church in Britain has some interesting things to look forward to this year. The below are all very likely to happen, though dates, in most cases, are not firmed up:

• The first ever State Visit of a Pope (likely to be in the Autumn)
• The Beatification of Cardinal Newman (likely to be at Coventry airport).
• A new English translation of the Mass, which will be both more faithful to the official Latin prayers as more beautiful and dignified than the words we use at present.
• The vast majority (probably hundreds of thousands) of the worldwide “Traditional Anglican Communion” (which is not the C of E) publicly to state their intentions to become Roman Catholic, along with numerous English and Welsh Anglican groups.(The first deadline for them to declare their intentions is 22nd Feb next).

We should have confidence that one day the oft said “Prayer for England” for the “Conversion of England”, “Mary’s Dowry”, will be answered. We should indeed expect for special fruit from the seed sown by the blood poured upon our soil by the many Reformation martyrs. Each of the above, in its own way, might appear to be a partial fulfilment of the below beautiful prayer of Cardinal Newman, written concerning those friends he painfully left behind in the Anglican Church after his own conversion.

“I gather up and bear in memory those familiar affectionate companions and counsellors, who in Oxford were given to me, one after another, to be my daily solace and relief; and all those others, of great name and high example, who were my thorough friends, and showed me true attachment in times long past. ... And I earnestly pray for this whole company, with a hope against hope, that all of us, who once were so united, and so happy in our union, may even now be brought at length, by the Power of the Divine Will, into One Fold and under One Shepherd”

The fulfilment of all these prayers of course depends particularly upon our own conversion of heart this year. Let us base all our New Year Resolutions upon a yearning for the Grace of God to enable us to keep them.
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posted by Sinead Reekie at 10:55 am