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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
4th Sunday of Advent - 20/12/09 - Next Sun (27th): A Special Chance To Show Our Love For The Baby Jesus

“Next Sunday, Holy Family Sunday, the Devil is likely gently to invite many of us

not to be present at Mass!”

1. What does that mean?! Next Sunday, 27th, is just two days after Christmas day, when many of us will have “already” been to Mass. There will be many “reasons” not to go to Mass.

2. Isn’t it a bit dramatic to talk above about the “Devil tempting” us not to go, there are indeed many things from the weather to family that can stop us. Christ in the Church calls all Catholics to go to Mass every Sunday. Because the call is spoken to us very clearly by Christ we know that any temptation to refuse the call is definitely not from the Spirit of God, and is ultimately linked, to some degree, to the Father of Lies., that is the Devil.

3.Does it really, really matter if we don’t? Jesus wouldn’t ask us if it didn’t. Centring our week upon God is very important. At Sunday Mass we humbly offer our week to the Father through His Son by the power of the Holy Spirit on the Day of the Lord, with his whole Body, His family. This is the basis of all true fruitfulness. Unless we have a “grave” reason not to (e.g. illness, 24/7 care of others, etc), we should ‘drag ourselves out’ to be with Jesus.

4. But surely we are grown up, and can make reasonable decisions not to go. Christ speaks through his Body the Church - otherwise he doesn’t speak clearly at all. He doesn’t have a secret police physically to enforce it – He just requests.

5. But if the pressure not to go is so great surely God is merciful? If we fail to go (apart from a grave reason) it is definitely wrong, but our culpability can be very much reduced. And if we are repentant God will forgive.

6. Will it be worth it? Precisely because of the above reasons:

I.e.: 1. It’s only two days after Christmas

2. The Church is out of fashion, not least due to recent scandals; 3. Obedience is out of fashion

4. Belief in the Devil is out of fashion; 5. We can easily convince ourselves it’s not our fault

… getting ourselves to Mass next Sunday (27th), especially if it’s through snow, will be a great act of love for & faith in and sacrifice to Jesus. It’s a great chance to do something definitely right truly loving, but which we’re likely definitely to be tempted against. It will definitely bear fruit for us all.

Mass times will be as normal.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 1:57 pm