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Monday, June 08, 2009
The two ‘top’ Anglican bishops have recently publicly pleaded with us not to vote for the British National Party next Thursday. This is because the party would appear to harbour attitudes which discriminate against certain sections of the human race, which we would be tempted to call racist. At the same time it has claimed that our Lord Jesus Christ would vote BNP. This would seem per-verse given that racist attitudes are clearly and simply against the very foundation of civil society as understood in the Christian vision of the world, that is the absolute dignity of the human person.

For exactly the same reason Catholic teaching is very clear that the issue of killing the most innocent of our brothers and sister in the womb or in the petri dish in our laboratories should be of the very highest of priorities when considering voting (N.B. the biological identity of the human conceptus is not is serious doubt – it is, unsurprisingly, human). We should note that various European groups are campaigning to impose abortion on demand in all member states. (See the purple A4 sheet in the porch concerning some v. important info. on top candidates in this election)

The above bishops were worried that the recent hyped-up scandal over (a minority of) M.P.’s expenses might make people stay at home, or vote for smaller parties, which under the P.R. system could lead to them getting seats. We should exercise our right to vote this Thursday – and remember there are other smaller parties as well as the BNP. Here are some of those on offer on Thursday, going from small to big – with some key words from their manifestos – (we will write more about the Christian attitude to the above ‘scandal’ soon - & being careful how we point the finger).

Christian People’s Alliance: “Respect of God's law, …Reconciliation,… human life (from fertilization until natural end) given by God. …Careful economic stewardship,… fairness of markets”
United Kingdom Independence Party: “No to European Union and … ensure that the future of our nation is decided by those of us who live here.”
Green Party: “create 1 million jobs through investment in renewable energy, housing, public transport and social care … addressing the urgent climate crisis”.
Liberal Democrats; “effective (EU) cooperation creates prosperity … protect Britain and catch terrorists and criminals who operate across national borders … tackle climate change.”
Conservatives: “We stand for a Europe of nation states, working together… We want the EU to cut waste and live within its means. …to rise to the challenge of climate change … (&) global poverty.”Labour: Invest and “do all we can to restore growth, save and create jobs and spread prosperity across Europe … tackle climate change, promote security and create (decent work) opportunities

posted by Sinead Reekie at 11:16 am