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Monday, April 27, 2009
Many thanks to all who enabled us to enter this Eastertide inspired and (somewhat) full of grace, though our inspired celebrations of the Holy Triduum.

That is primarily of course the Risen Christ, but also the many who came, and the very hard work of cleaners, flower arrangers, secretaries, sacristans, singers & musicians, as well as children’s catechists (see some of their work on the back pillars of the Church), servers, collectors, readers and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Thanks to you all from Fr’s Hugh, Nimal and Kieran for your very generous Easter offerings & for the other gifts and cards. May you experience the fruit of Christ’s work amongst us.

Two inspiring, May talks here.

1. On the ‘diaconate’ by a permanent deacon of the diocese. Michael Jarmulowicz is due to be ordained to this ministry on the afternoon 20th June by Archbishop Vincent Nichols. It will be his first ordination as our Bishop. (We remember we were lucky enough to have Cardinal Hume here fro his last public engagement. May he rest in peace).

This talk will explain what it meant to be a permanent deacon. It will we are sure be a fruitful event for the development of our community. It will very probably take place on the evening of Wednesday 13th May.

2. The popular Brazilian speaker Raymond de Souza will speak here on the evening on Friday 21st May. He is based in Australia but also a present for the American Catholic EWTN TV channel and Chairman of the New Evangelization Office of the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the United States and EWTN program host. He will be speaking upon “How can I be good today?”

Please pray for these talks and for Pope Benedict and his Vatican collaborators at this time. It has been a difficult time for him, and soon he travels to Israel.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 12:30 pm