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Monday, March 23, 2009
This is the final week of our Planned Giving drive. After the Communion Rite, we will be asking you to consider making a pledge. You will be given a yellow card that will offer you 3 choices: (this card can be placed in the white confidential envelopes)
 Continue to use the envelopes you already have–a new amount may be chosen
 Starting to use the weekly donation envelopes. You will be given these.
 Making a regular donation by Standing Order. We will give you a special form – which should be completed and returned to your bank. (We can also give you envelopes to give at the Offertory, to indicate that you support in this way)

Also if you pay tax you can tick the Gift Aid box at the bottom of the card which will make the government give an extra 28p for each pound you give. If you are a taxpayer, I would ask you to tick this box however you decide to support the parish. We will give you a form to fill in and return. Unless you are choosing to pay by Standing Order or by cheque we will also give you special envelopes for your donations in order to keep track of what you have given.
N.B.I know that you will do your best to carry out your pledge. But this is not a binding promise and if, for example, your circumstances change, you can change the amount that you give or stop giving altogether.

THE OFFERTORY COLLECTION (from our 13th June 2007 newsletter)
What is the Offertory? This is the ‘rite’ by which the bread and wine are presented (offered) to God before they are consecrated. ‘The collection’ of alms is part of this.
What does this presentation signify? First and foremost it is the actual provision of material food from our lives, to become one with the flesh of Christ during the Eucharistic Prayer, our Bread of Life. It signifies our lives, joys and sorrows which will be transformed and swept up into his life of self-giving (Sacrifice) to the Father for us.
Why the Collection? This is also a provision of something real from our lives, earned by the sweat of our brow, that God may bring spiritual fruit from it. Monies collected go towards the upkeep of the Church and Presbytery, any expenses from parish groups, and the wages of anyone employed within these parish structures. Direct financial support of clergy is through the Christmas and Easter offerings, and stipends for baptisms, marriages, funerals and daily masses. Full accounts are published each year, scrutinized by the diocese, our own finance committee and external accountants.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 11:50 am