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Monday, March 23, 2009
In Lent 2008 parishioners gave generously to the earthquake appeal in behalf of “Ngwino Nawe”, a Rwandan residential home for disabled children. As a result of this Therese Mukandaliyo, founder and manager of the centre, was able to have a new, timber dormitory built to house the older boys.

With the help of Rwanda Aid Ngwino Nawe’s capacity is currently growing from 25 to 4 places. Therese now needs help to provide furnishings for the six new houses.

The present timber building, built with our funds is being re-functioned into a workshop for those children able to learn a simple but useful craft such as basket weaving.

Helen and Judith, members of our Thursday reflection group, plan to return to Rwanda in August for their annual visit, especially offering their music therapy skills. This time they will probably be based at Gitarama, some 50 miles from Kigali, helping one or two other centres to become a reference point for expansion.

Take a white envelope from the back, fast from food on Friday and put the amount of money saved and/or a donation in the white envelope, to be given in next Sunday.

If you would like to give up alcohol for (the rest of) Lent in a way that links you with a group of people in solidarity with and in prayer for those who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction, and other abuses of the body, then join Fr Hugh and others on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m., in the Church for 20 mins to take the Pioneers’ Lenten Pledge. This is a commitment to abstain from all intoxicating drink, to recite a daily prayer daily, to

posted by Sinead Reekie at 12:43 pm