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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
If anyone is coming round to our house we worry about mess and clutter hanging around the house and inevitably have a big tidy up in preparation for the Christmas visitors. This Christ-mas, Jesus will offer himself to us in a way that He never did before. He will offer a unique Christmas present to each one of us of His love and reveal Himself to each of us in a new way

But…..we have to welcome Him into our homes and before He comes we have to prepare the house for His arrival, fluff the cushions, move all the dirty laundry and get the windows cleaned. The house is in fact our soul and to prepare for Christmas we have to get the windows of our soul cleaned.

Ok so you’re wondering what the window of your soul is …well imagine this…..All the time we are sat next to a window and God’s love is shining through the window on us very much like the sun would shine on a sunny day. His love warms us and helps us to follow Him. When we sin; whether it be small things or big things like missing Sunday mass, undermining some-one’s good name, or not being open to life in marriage; we turn away from God and when we do, we pour mud onto the window. God’s love can no longer shine through the window and warm us and we can no longer see Him close to us on the other side of the window.

When we go to confession we allow God to get out the Windolene & to clean the window. He offers us this g.t mercy in this healing sacrament because he knows we need to feel his mercy

The thing is that if we look to the story of the prodigal son which we all know and have heard a million times we can see that it must have been hard for the him to turn around. It must have taken a massive amount of courage. He had to trust the father….can you imagine in those miles of walking back to see his father how worried and anxious he might have been….But he kept walking and when his father saw him he ran to embrace him. Equally after years away when we walk into that confession the father will run to embrace us.

It may have been one month since your last good confession… may have been 5 yrs, now is the time to come back, get the windows cleaned so Jesus can come and live in your house.

This weekend and next confession will be available before and after each Sunday mass and next thursday there will be a penitential service at 7:30 pm.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 12:38 pm