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Monday, July 14, 2008
St Mary Magdalen: A TRUE LOVE STORY
Her feast is 22nd July. Our main celebration will be next Sun at 12 noon Mass, followed by a BBQ (1pm) at the Rising Sun, just along the road.
Please do come! And sign up at the back.

Mary of Magdalen was so called perhaps because she came from the army garrison town of Magdalen near Tiberius on the west shore of the Lake of Galilee. Some say her name comes from the Hebrew expression meaning ‘curling women’s hair’ which is another way of calling someone an ‘adulteress’!

In Luke’s Gospel she is mentioned among the women who accompanied and served Christ and it says of her that she had had seven devils cast out. Through her acquaintance with the seven deadly sins she had become open to the devil. Mary Magdalen was no saint before she met Jesus Christ. So what changed?

If we read between the lines of the gospels that speak about Mary Magdalen it soon becomes obvious that she was a person who had a string of relationships; she is like the Samaritan woman with the five husbands whom Christ meets at the well; she is like many of us who desire to experience unconditional love, but look for it in the wrong way.

Like the Samaritan woman Mary finally meets her ideal man, Jesus Christ! One in whom all her desires for love, meaning, truth, & beauty are fulfilled. This meeting heals her radically of her sins. She no longer has to sell herself short to gain affection from others. Instead amazingly she becomes the 1st evangelist who brings the Good News of Christ’s resurrection to the unbelieving apostles.

The Song of Songs describes her this journey to holiness: “ I have sought the love of my life, I sought but could not find him ! Barely had I passed the watchmen when I found him, the love of my life, I caught him and would not let him go.” (3:3-5) Mary Magdalen’s searching and desire for love had led her up many blind alleys. When she finally discovers Christ and his love for her, she is able to put her past behind her, begin a new life. She clings to her new love: Christ. In fact Christ has to ask her “not to cling” to Him so that he can ascend to heaven – she is holding things up! St Mary Magdalen pray for

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:11 am