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Friday, May 23, 2008

In a free vote our Britain's constituency Members of Parliament have just decided to:
1. Maintain the 24 week limit for healthy unborn babies. The ability and reality of legally aborting handicapped unborn babies up to birth will remain
2. Remove a legal requirement to consider fatherhood as a child's natural right.
3. Develop experimentation upon human embryos for medical research

No. 3 was supported by the Association of Medical Research Charities and the Genetic Interest Group. Between them they represent 223 patients' charities including Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and the Parkinson's Society.
It is thus almost certain HFEA Bill will pass, including its repealing of the 2001 Act which forbade the bringing to birth of human clones (initially for those mothers whose mitochondrial disease prevents their eggs being available to be naturally fertilized).

Making a Difference – and stabbed teenagers' parental example
There is a clear, radically distinct alternative to our increasingly 'anti-life culture' (John Paul II's phrase). It is based on the belief that the development of true peace, love and compassion must and can include all members of the human species in its remit, including the weakest, e.g. embryos and unborn children. This alternative is our Catholic Faith. Our faith is nothing without this basic belief.
These two visions of human life and love, that represented by our parliamentarians and medical charities and that represented by the Catholic Church, cannot both be right. Let's use this moment of crucifixion to renew our commitment to our spiritual life, our learning and living within our parish – and to being courageously unfashionable, witnesses to hope. As an example of this see the comments of recently stabbed Jimmy Mizen's parents on the inside bottom left of our newsletter.
Also early last week a prominent report stated that the £45m spent by the government on reducing teenage crime had completely failed to have a noticeable effect. Surely the increasingly hope-less 'playing God' of our younger people is linked with the increasingly hope-less 'playing God' of our political & cultural leaders.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 2:12 pm