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Friday, April 04, 2008
between two belief systems both claiming to be rational,
both attempting to convince others, but both cannot be true

Catholic Teaching
& Catholic Bishops’ Easter 2008 Government Belief
& 50 Top Medical Charities Etc

Strongly against Hybrid Embryo Bill Strongly in favour of Hybrid Embryo Bill

Believing that alleviating suffering is closely linked to fundamental dignity of every member of the human species. They go together and don’t work apart.
Believing in regulation of what is permissible case by case according to cultural norms. Absolute limits, irrespective of possible cures developed, are irrelevant.
At the heart of western civilization up to the 1960’s
Increasingly at the heart of the post-1960’s culture
Sees revelation through Church as inherent to healthy society, as can be shown by reason. Tends to see religious teaching, concerning absolute limits, as by non-rational and so not particularly relevant in public decision making

The distinction between Christ’s contemporary “But I say to you …” and our respectable political and medical establishment who deny a clear role to the Word of God in public life becomes clearer by the day.
This does not mean that our leaders are evil people whom we must disrespect. Their other opinions and actions might be very good, from which we can learn. It does mean that they are setting up a radically new basis to morality to the traditional Christian one. It has been called relativism and, in the rational opinion of classical Christianity, it is building a Brave New World upon sand. Sadly we should expect our “broken” society to further disintegrate.
Let us take up our Cross and take heart, for Christ is knocking at the door, already forgiving and beginning the rebuilding of his Kingdom.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 12:44 pm