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St. Mary Magdalen's
Catholic Church
Willesden Green
London NW10
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Friday, April 25, 2008
• Richard Barnbrook, British National Party “Putting London First”
• Gerard Batten, UK Ind. Party“Justice & Common Sense For London”
• Sian Berry, Green Party “Change London for Good”

• Alan Craig, Christian Peoples Alliance The priorities include:
 Promote marriage and stable family as a long-term solution to youth crime, educational under-achievement and child poverty …
 Champion London’s most vulnerable–the unborn, the elderly, the refugee
 Reduce .. yawning gap between …inner-city poverty & City-bonus wealth

• Lindsey German, Left List “…for the unions, speak out against racism and inequality, for proper council housing and for cheap … public transport.

• Boris Johnson, Conservative Party
“Beef up the police presence … serious strategies on knife and gun crime …Crack down on the culture of casual disorder … Make transport safer … Protect our green, open spaces…Scrap the proposed £25 congestion charge”

• Ken Livingstone, The Labour Party
“ … for London’s success to continue, to ensure every Londoner shares in that success, and to safeguard London’s environment. (London) needs a competent Mayor with a proven record of commitment to our city ….”

• Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats
“… over 30 years working to help improve lives .. across the capital. … I’ve gained a unique insight into … the diverse communities that live here. … Londoners tell me how concerned they are about rising crime, especially knife crime …(and) are fed up paying record high fares on public transport“

• Matt O'Connor,English Democrats“Save London from Labour’s Tartan Taxes”

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