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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
PIA Group - Tuesday February 12th
The PIA Group is a new initiative which has grown out of the recent evenings which looked at the pro-life question in today’s society. The name of the group comes from the mission: To Pray, to Inform and to Act in matters related to this very contemporary and important issue.

Pray – This Sunday’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus calls us to follow God’s Word and therefore to seek his will first and foremost. How can we know the best thing to do if we do not know the will of God? Prayer is the way we can discern together how we are to act in the world.

Inform – Another purpose of this new group is to inform others about what is going on in today’s world and what the Church thinks about it. This Tuesday we will have Matthew O’Gorman speaking to us. He is a member of the charity ‘Life’, and will be educating us on their work and also how it may be applied in the parish.

Act – Finally there is the need to act. It is here that we respond to the call of the Gospel by working together to bring others the Good News. One of the key themes in our Faith is the defence of those who are most vulnerable. In our day this applies especially to the abuses of modern science which threaten those who are at the very dawn of their lives.

The name of the group is also related to one of the titles given to Our Lady in the ‘Hail Holy Queen’. The Latin word ‘pia’ means ‘loving’ and is a sign to remind us of Our Lady’s very real maternal intercession and example in matters of human life. Her humble trust of God worked in a quiet way but has brought salvation to the world. We hope that she may guide this group so that it too could be an instrument of God’s love today. Please support the group, all are welcome.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:23 am