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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
As we head back across the water the Mission team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those in the parish who responded with their attendance and prayerful support. It helped make the week of Mission a great and memorable time of grace.

A week of mission is a time of grace for the whole parish, not only for those who could attend. It does not only last just for the week during which the mission is actually held. The mission is an offering of grace from God to each of us to draw closer to Him, to hear His word and seek His face in our everyday lives. It is a time to change and turn in deep trust to the merciful God, who is full of com-passion, and longs to guide us to a deeper life in Him. This is his ongoing work.

Recently we did a mission in Tuam Cathedral, Co. Galway. The Archbishop who celebrated the morning mass told us, “During this mission Jesus and Mary walk among us, not only in the church, but around the whole town, bringing their blessings upon our lives and those of our families.” His words really illustrate to us that a mission, as a time of hope and new beginnings, truly has no end.

What will be our response to the invitation the Lord has given to us to draw closer to Him over this past week? Whether we have been able to attend the mission evenings or not, the Lord still stands at the door of our hearts knocking, waiting for us to open the way to allow his transforming love and grace to enter. It does not matter whether we are five years old or ninety five, whether we are strong in our faith, or maybe if we struggle sometimes, each day is a new chance to grow.

How will we respond to what God is asking from each of us?

What we do know is that when we respond to His call, by reaching out to others in our families and community, we will experience the deep joy, peace, and fulfilment that comes from a deeper union with Christ and His church.

May God Bless You all in His Deep Love

St. Patrick’s Community.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:09 am