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Monday, November 19, 2007
“YOU DID IT TO ME”– Matthew 25:40: Monday 26th Nov 7:30–8:45pm
As the liturgy approaches its culmination at the end of the Church’s year we are offered images and teaching which remind us that we are on a journey which will take us one day into the very presence of God Himself. This is a good time to examine our lives in the light of God’s love and ask ourselves if we could go deeper into the vocation God has for us in the world.

In our present society we are constantly challenged by a range of values which may not necessarily be the ones which are closest to God’s desire for His children. As followers of Christ we are the ones asked to discern the ‘signs’ of the times, to ask God how we might best respond. As a move in this direction Cardinal Cormac recently published an open letter to the British public to coincide with 40th anniversary of the Act of Parliament which made the terminating of pregnancies a definite reality in contemporary society.

The Christian approach to human life is that it is God’s primary gift and so should be absolutely respected. However there are other ways of understanding life which threaten especially the unborn and the elderly. This means that laws are still being passed which affect us all in some way as, if we are right about life, they undermine the very fabric of our existence.

As a response to this and to other ‘signs’ within our culture which reflect an unhealthy stance toward life we are beginning a new monthly group in the parish. In this group we will be looking at how we can respond as Christians to this state of affairs, through:
A Prayerful deepening in our awareness of the value of life.
An Educational element informing us about current social issues being faced.
An Active response on various levels, to try and make a difference together.

When we appear before Jesus he will say “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did it to me”.May he help us as a parish to understand the importance of this call

PARENTAL FOLLOW-UP TO TODAY’S CHILDREN’S LITURGY: If this is not already part of your household routine, it might be a good time to assign your child a regular job, perhaps one connected with the evening meal, like setting or clearing the table or helping with the dishes. This should not be a way of earning money, but a way of participating in the life of the family with a cheerful attitude.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:32 am