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Monday, October 22, 2007
Last month a ruling from Pope Benedict came into force. It stated that the old “Latin Mass”. which was the normal way Mass had been celebrated in the west up to the 1960’s, should be considered the “Extraordinary Form” of Mass in our ‘Roman Rite’, and thus made easily available for any “stable group” of parishioners who would like to hear Mass in this form. This Mass involves for instance the priest facing eastwards (that is the same direction as the congregation).

The form of Mass which we are all used to, with the priest facing the people using the vernacular language is to be known as the “Ordinary form”. The Pope was very insistent that we all grow in our love and reverence toward the Ordinary form, but also recognize that the earlier, ancient, Extraordinary form, is an important part of our tradition and identity as Roman Catholics. He is very insistent that lay people have the right to express an interest –and therefore to know of this right.

Since we mentioned this fact in this space last summer four people have expressed a very strong interest, and a few others a general interest. Please do let one of the priests know if you have an interest in a regular celebration of the Extraordinary form, in our parish, for instance on a Sunday.

PARENTAL FOLLOW-UP TO TODAY’S GOSPEL: Agree as a family on at least one thing you want to ask God to do for yourselves or someone else. Remember to pray for that intention together daily, and encourage your child to trust that God will answer the prayer in his own time, and according to His Will for our full and final happiness

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:06 am