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Monday, October 29, 2007
The week beginning 8th December we will be having an Advent Mission. John Pridmore (the author of “From Gangland to Promised Land”) and his St Patrick’s Community will lead us through various types of services, presenting the heart of the Good News in a powerful and inspiring manner.

As part of our preparation for this we would like to invite your participation in a special way. This will also form part of the English and Welsh Church’s “Come Home for Christmas” campaign.

This week: We would ask you to pray and to consider any people you know who are distanced from the Church, whether through, for instance, gradual lapsation, some painful experience, or just being a non-Catholic. Discern, through prayer, whether God might possibly want to use you gently to call one of those (back) into full Communion with Christ in the Church. Decide on one such person.
Next week (from 4th Nov): Start a three week campaign of praying for that person, and pray that god may create the opportunity for you to be a vehicle of his grace for them.
Three weeks’ time (Week beginning 25th Nov., at the latest): During the week present them with (or send) a “Come Home for Christmas” leaflet, inviting them to come to some or all of our mission and perhaps, if God wills, to say something else helpful to them. The leaflets will be available from 18th Nov.

St Mary Magdalen Pray for us at this time!

P.S. Remember we also have a Seekers group for those who just want to learn a little bit about our faith a regularly as they wish, and a Journey in Faith group for those definitely wanting to come into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

PARENTAL FOLLOW-UP TO TODAY’S CHILDREN’S LITURGY: The children learned the “Jesus Prayer”, a very old and simple prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ” have mercy on me, a sinner.” Encourage your child to repeat this prayer several times. Night prayers might be a good occasion for this.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 12:45 pm