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Monday, September 24, 2007
THIS TUESDAY EVENING: See purple A5 leaflets on tables at back.
This Tuesday we have another of our Pro-Life orientation evenings in the annexe at 7:30 pm – 9pm. Why bother coming? Because the absolute value of human life is at the heart of the Catholic faith and, we believe, of all true morality and happiness –and it is increasingly under serious threat in our country. For instance see the below summaries of two newspaper articles which reflect two strong current strains of the anti-life mentality in our culture today:

and says it is "Very Difficult" for Catholics to Remain Members

Bishop Michael Evans of East Anglia has joined other Catholics in withdrawing his membership of Amnesty International, due to their new policy in support of abortion.
A recently released press release stated that Amnesty “affirmed the organization's (new) policy on selected aspects of abortion -- to support the decriminalization of abortion, to ensure women have access to health care when complications arise from abortion, and to defend women's access to abortion, within reasonable gestational limits, when their health or human rights are in danger …"

"The Catholic Church," Bishop Evans explained, "has no desire for women who have been through the trauma of abortion to be punished; they need compassion & healing Women who suffer complications after an abortion should … receive quality care.

"But our proper indignation regarding pervasive violence against women should not cloud our judgment about our duty to protect the most vulnerable and defenceless form of human life" from violence.… "Very regretfully," the British prelate said, "I will be ending my 31-year membership of Amnesty International." (adapted from

N.B.: There has been a cultural and legal shift toward euthanasia and disrespect toward the elderly in Britain: “The Dutch legalised mercy killing (in 2002) … There are tales of a doctor who agreed to bring forward the “mercy killing” of a terminally ill patient just so that the patient’s grandson wouldn’t have to worry about disruptions to his holiday plans. Dutch doctors lightly swap anecdotes like this …. Many Dutch people are now so afraid of being dispatched against their will that they carry a “credo card” in their wallet saying “don’t kill me, doctor”. … each case is supposedly vetted by a team consisting of a doctor, a lawyer and a social worker. But these teams spend a mere four minutes on average adjudicating each case. (from The Week’s summary of a Der Spiegel article)

posted by Sinead Reekie at 10:48 am