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Monday, September 24, 2007
About a year ago we had a successful weekend of mutual introductions of people who had started working in the parish or become significantly more involved than before. We had the impression that quite a few people who hadn’t met before did so. We’re hoping that might happen this weekend. This time, to focus our time of mutual introductions, we are formally introducing members of our parish forum. Many of you will know some of them, most will probably not know all of them. So do say hello. But also take the chance to say hello to anyone else in the same congregation, even the same bench you have not met before.

The members of the Parish Forum will have name stickers on. Each takes part in our bi-annual Forum meeting where we receive reports from each group and reflect about key issues in the parish. Each member coordinates a section of the report gathering. So today you can meet:

Francis Holly (Social Life groups)
Maria Doherty (Youth Group groups)
Michael Jarmulowicz (Adult Formation groups)
Kathy MacKen (Parish Support groups)
Bill Page (Spiritual Life groups)
Ann Sheehan (Secretary)
Brigid Hegarty (Community support groups – though she can’t be here this w/e)

At the 10:30 am Mass we will take the children into the sacristy for their own liturgy of the Word. To follow up upon what has been done here is something you can do at home:

Give your children opportunities to ask and receive and give forgiveness. Encourage them to say “Please forgive me for….”and “I forgive you,” perhaps showing affection. When children don’t ask and give forgiveness in the right way, remind them of the Prodigal Son story and invite them to “re-enact” the scene.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:48 am