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Monday, September 24, 2007
Next Sunday it will be possible to meet members of our Parish forum. There is a representative for each of the below areas of the Parish:

Parish Support: Groups primarily offering practical support to priests and parishioners
Community Support: Groups offering spiritual&other support to parishioners&non-parishioners
Spiritual Life: Groups whose primary focus is Liturgical and extra-liturgical prayer.
Social Life: Groups whose primary focus is supporting the socializing of parishioners.
Youth Formation: Reaching out to youngsters to support growth in knowledge&love of God
Adult Formation: Reaching out to adults to support their growth in knowledge and love of God

N.B. All groups needs extra support, but we are aware particularly of the below needs:

• Volunteer leaders for our Aged 11-13 Friday evening Youth Club are needed
• People to help with ushering during our bi-weekly 10:30 am Mass children’s liturgy.Our Church cleaners need more monthly volunteers.
• People to help the Social events committee sell tickets outside Church
• Our Wednesday (p.m.) Group’ is looking for someone to help coordinate it – salso for more over-55’s to meet for tea and bingo.
• Our Pioneers Abstinence Association is hoping to raise its profile among teenagers.
• Magdala, our parish magazine, needs more help and more writers.
• Our Sunday morning Coffee rota needs more names.
• Our 10:30 Choir needs more singers and flute &/or violin players.
• Our developing 12 noon choir needs more singers


Next week at the 10:30 am Mass we will take the children into the sacristy for their own liturgy of the Word. To help them prepare for this here is something you can do at home:

Give your children opportunities to ask and receive and give forgiveness. Encourage them to say “Please forgive me for….”and “I forgive you,” perhaps showing affection. When children don’t ask and give forgiveness in the right way, remind them of the Prodigal Son story and invite them to “re-enact” the scene.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:06 am