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Friday, July 20, 2007
On 07.07.07 last Pope Benedict issued an important document, called a Motu Proprio, which is Latin for “On his own initiative”. He said that Parish Priests and Bishops should attempt to provide, for those who want it, Mass celebrated in the manner which was the norm in the Church before 1970 for many centuries. This “Rite” of Mass has been known variously as the “Tridentine Rite”, the “Old Mass”, the “Latin Mass”. The Pope has said that now it should be known as the “Extraordinary” “usage” of the one Roman Rite.

The way of celebrating Mass that we have become used to in recent decades is to be known as the “ordinary usage of the Roman Rite”. This will remain the norm, and the Pope asks us all to maintain and deepen our love and reverence for this “ordinary” form of celebrating Holy Mass.

Lay people thus have a new right. It is important that parishioners inform Fr Hugh if they feel that they would like to be able to attend Mass on Sundays and/or weekdays in the “Extraordinary usage”. If those asking amount to a “stable group” we, and our Bishop, in obedience to the Pope, will be very happy to oblige here at St Mary Magdalen’s.

The Extraordinary Usage involves celebrating Mass in Latin (though the readings could be, particularly on Sundays, read in English), facing eastwards (i.e. towards our large crucifix) and following a more specified and traditional form of movements than in the “ordinary usage” which we all know so well. Holy Communion is usually received kneeling down from a priest.

Please do let us know you thoughts!

posted by Sinead Reekie at 2:57 pm