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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Mother Teresa pointed out that the second victim of each abortion is the mother. This is particularly true in our society where there is an immense cultural pressure upon and subtle anaesthetization of the consciences of mothers with ‘problem pregnancies’.
Catholic have particular responsibility to encourage the people of this land to move towards that day, which will surely come, when historians and people of good will look back at this era of late-twentieth century onwards with horror and amazement. For we apparently sophisticated and civilized people currently condone the killing of 600 of our most weak, and innocent brothers and sisters, with hardly a grumble. Whilst the breakdown of the traditional family is most certainly linked to the ‘anti-life’ mentality the full price which our civilization is paying morally, socially and spiritually will be more easily capable of assessment by future generations, perhaps future civilizations born out of the rubble of our own – and of course by God
As well as supporting the numerous Catholic-inspired efforts to support mothers with problem pregnancies (e.g.: LIFE, Good Counsel Network, Pro-Life Initiative and Sisters) we have a chance to do something, perhaps significant, by supporting the below diocesan request. History, and god, will judge us on our actions.
Ann Winterton MP - with the support of Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative MPs - will be introducing a bill on Tuesday 5th June as a first step in curbing the present abortion law. The aim is to ensure that women receive proper counselling, warning them of possible dangers to their physical and mental health, informing them of alternative help available, and providing them with a delay of seven days before making a final decision.
The Bill will also require doctors to state on the notification forms whether the abortion was carried out on physical or on mental grounds (instead of grouping the two together as at present and thus obscuring the real reasons for the abortion).
You can encourage your MP to attend the debate on the 5th June and vote in support of the Bill. Please write to your MP at the House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA. Or you can telephone him/her at 020 7219 3000. Ask for your MP (by name) or his/her secretary. Give your name and address to show that you are a constituent.
For further information, please contact ProLife Alliance at 020 7581 6939 or email Postal address PO Box 13395, London, SW3 6XE.

History, but more importantly God will judge us on our actions at this dark hour.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 1:19 pm