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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
This weekend we launch our fledgling parish library in the new bookshelf in the Annexe.

Half the books come from the old Jesus and Mary convent library in Park Avenue which closed a few years ago. These are by classic authors who have stood the test of time.

The other half of the books are on issues to do with family life today. In Fr Hugh’s first appointment as a priest, at St Mary’s Cadogan Street, Chelsea he was involved in a young family group. These books are mainly by contemporary authors and were found to be very helpful. For instance see, in the ‘parenting’ section, Joanna Bogle’s “Feasts and Seasons” with ideas for fun things families can do together to celebrate aspects of the Church’s liturgical year.

We are open to receiving donations of books which are of relevance to being a Catholic today and by reputable authors. These should be submitted through Clergy House. We have had our first such donation of a book by the brilliant modern American scripture scholar (who converted from being a Baptist lecturer) Scott Hahn. This fits very nicely into our small “Bible” section.

The sections are, from left to right, top down: “Explaining the Faith”; “The Bible”; “Saints”; “Spirituality”; “Parenting”; “The Modern Family”; “Marriage”.

The system for loaning books for a month at a time basically involves filling out a simple slip of paper from the grey box, leaving it in the small green basket. Returned books are placed on the bottom shelf and the returner signs a piece of paper. Access to the Annexe will just be whenever it is normally open – which included after most Sunday Masses and most evenings, immediately before and after group meetings there, as indicated in the newsletter.

It is of course crucial for the success and development of this project that this system works well and tightly. Borrow and Enjoy!

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:41 am