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Monday, October 30, 2006

The parish is that family which gathers together around the Eucharistic altar of sacrifice. It’s the primary type of family. We are being formed into a true Christian community, a fundamental cell of the Church. We are being prepared for the communion of heaven. For most of us this journey will continue through purgatory to purify us of any selfish individualism. But for quite a few reasons it’s best to hope for and work for such purification and growth in communion now. We all need to help each other in this job. It’s certainly not just the job of priests!

So just for today we invite each of you to help the rest of us out by introducing yourself to someone you do not know well after Mass: in the Annexe where there will be coffee, or outside church. Communion involves communication. For some this will be more painful than for others. For the majority of English people it’s not simple! And we are all different, with strengths and weaknesses. But it’d be good if just very occasionally we tried it.

Just for today, after Mass, let’s try cutting back on our conversations with those we know, and inviting someone else into our acquaintance.

So it could be the person who’s been in the pew next to you for a while. Or one of the priests (we do need help to meet everyone). Or one of our four below, newish pastoral workers (‘name-tagged’!), who you may well not have had the chance to meet before.

· Dr Michael Jarmulowicz -- a long-term parishioners he has just started the three year diocesan training process to become a Permanent Deacon in this parish. This will conform him to Christ, the Servant, enabling him, among other things to preach, to lead marriages, funerals and baptisms and to be an ordinary minister of Holy Communion.

· Martin Plunkett -- our Youth Worker. Having become involved last year, this year he has started leading quite a bit of this work. He has just moved into Clergy House.

· Mrs Celia Edwards – Celia is from Watford. She has been leading our First Holy Communion preparation over the last two years. This academic year she is becoming more involved through running the new Echoes training programme and helping to lead our Journey in Faith programme.

· Chris Hack – has recently come from Cambridge Univ. to Clergy Ho. to work in the parish for a yr.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 11:31 am