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Friday, October 20, 2006
An invitation to talk to someone in the parish who you haven’t met,
whether priest, parish worker or parishioner.

After Mass next Sunday we will have a special time of mutual introductions. This is to enable parishioners, who have not yet, had the chance, to meet the following people. We may make Mass a little shorter than usual to support this!

· Dr Michael Jarmulowicz -- has been an active parishioner virtually all his life (he and youth club members saw Bobby Moore & Geoff Hurst carry the World Cup along the High Rd). He has just started the three year diocesan training process to become a Permanent Deacon in this parish. This will conform him to Christ, the Servant, enabling him, among other things to preach, to lead marriages, funerals and baptisms and to be an ordinary minister of Holy Communion.

· Martin Plunkett -- our Youth Worker. Over the last year he has been getting more involved with our youth groups having gently begun late in 2005 with Tillie Callaghan, who tragically died last January. (He also produced her musical, Rock of the Anointed, last summer). This yr he has started leading quite a bit of this work, including starting the drama group. He has just moved into Clergy House. He will shortly write about himself on the newsletter front.

· Mrs Celia Edwards – Celia lives with her family in Watford. She has been very ably develo-ping our First Holy Communion Programme over the last 2 years. Last month she set up the Echoes training programme and has begun helping to lead our Journey in Faith programme.

· Chris Hack – has recently come to Clergy House to work in the parish for a year, whilst considering applying to become a priest. He recently introduced himself in this space.

· The Priests – Due to: (i) the amount of people who come here on a Sunday (1132 at the recent annual three-week October count); (ii) our shyness (that is the priests’, despite some people’s impressions!); and (iii) the range of interesting and important issues that are raised after Mass; its not easy to know everyone. Please help us out, and introduce yourself to us next weekend after Mass, if we haven’t, or only very briefly, met.

· Each other –many parishioners – even those who go to the same Mass haven’t had the chance to meet each other. Perhaps our lack of a hall does not help. It does help us to worship together if we know each other.

So next weekend we will be encouraging those who already know each other not to spend much time talking with each other after Mass! Talk to someone you don’t know –priest, parish worker or parishioner.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 2:56 pm