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Monday, July 17, 2006
Here’s a shortened version of our national evangelization centre’s ten tips.

1. Prayer. Prayer is the driving force behind evangelisation. E.g. Offer to pray for workmates for example, when they share their troubles with you.

2. Help someone in need. Jesus is present in the poor. When we serve those in need our faith comes alive in a very concrete way. Through these acts of kindness we can attract others to the faith. Who in your immediate community could benefit from an hour of your time on a weekly or fortnightly basis?

3. Be proud of your faith. The Church says that the times we are living in demand a culture change and that we need to be more pro-active in witnessing to our faith. In small ways we become more confident in making public our beliefs. (For example, through publicly wearing a crucifix or by silently saying grace in the work's canteen).

4. Respect other people. We are to respect the dignity of each person whether we like them or not. This is a way through which we can begin to love those around us and often as a result people begin to be more open to hearing the Gospel message.

5. Charity begins at home. If we do not strive to love those closest to us, there is no way we will be successful in our attempts to reach out to others. Parents in particular have a crucial role in educating their children in the ways of Jesus. Attending Mass together is of central importance.

6. Start with your friends. Many of us have friends who are not Catholic and who know very little about Jesus. Sharing of our life of faith, as and when the Holy Spirit opens doors, can be a powerful way of evangelising someone.

7. Share your testimony. Again, as the Holy Spirit opens a door, be ready to speak about how God has helped you in your life. Perhaps it was during a time of bereavement or after the birth of a child?

8. Speech. Practice using God in your everyday vocabularly. Publicly say thank-you for example, when something goes right . For example, "I thank God for that......"

9. Bring a friend to Church . Many converts come into the Church because someone invited them to come along. How many people do you know who have simply never been invited to meet Jesus. Say a prayer and take the plunge!
10. Be Joyful. Jesus is the greatest source of joy in our life. He brings us life, peace and happiness. No one will take you seriously as a Catholic if you profess one thing and yet live completely the opposite. Of course, none of us live in perfect joy all the time, but we certainly experience it at least some of the time. Let's share that "joie de vivre" for life!

posted by Sinead Reekie at 9:57 am