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Monday, July 03, 2006

“What’s the use of having access to building if I don’t have access to life.”

Bishop Longley, who will be confirming here next week explains something about the day:
“This year we decided … (to look) at the whole range of life issues through the idea of the prism of people living with disability. It was important that we find a way of reflecting both on the experience of people living with disability, valuing their experience, valuing their presence within the life of the church, within the community - but also looking at the particular threats to life, the question of abortion, to abort a baby, a foetus, where there has been detected some disability, and supporting such families and people facing such choices …

“I'm very aware that in parishes, there are many people who are committed to working pro-life and who are glad of this opportunity that Day for Life offers to contribute something, and I would like to encourage individuals in parishes who are already engaged in another way with pro-life work to use Day for Life, to become part of the local teams that help to promote it, contact your local parish priest, make sure that the materials are being as widely used as possible in your parish setting, and encourage others also to look at the website and to sign up, so there is the possibility of a continuing involvement and we have the chance to build up a national network of those who are willing and have the energy and time to be more and more involved.”

N.B. It is possible to abort handicapped babies up to birth in this country. Currently more Down’s Syndrome conceptions here are aborted than permitted to join the community of the post-birth living.

See Yellow leaflets at back.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 10:43 am