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Friday, May 19, 2006

In memory of our recently deceased Youth Worker Tillie Callaghan RIP
and as part of the Diocesan ‘Open the Doors’ initiative.

We are hoping to stage the great musical on the amazing life of King David, Rock Of The Anointed, written and previously produced by Tillie Callaghan and Edwin Fawcett. We plan to do this during the diocesan ‘Open the Doors’ weekend July 14th-16th, through and amongst our community, with the help of some others who have performed the musical before.

We have a small committed core group, including our youth worker, Martin Plunkett, who has been involved since the musical’s inception, and has played the lead role. We need to expand this group to include those prepared (and able!) to act and/or produce. Experience and skill useful but all are welcome to come to a meeting and time of audition the week after next. A range of ages and interests are needed. Time to be announced in next week’s newsletter.

Rock of the Anointed arose through the desire of young Catholics to witness to their faith in Christ and the Church in a creative, artistic manner. The life of King David proved a worthy context. He had up and downs, evoked much affection, but also fell through weakness. He is marked out by his preparedness to trust in the mercy of God. God Blessed him for this. The musical has gone through three productions already, the last being during World Youth Day in Cologne last year.

The diocesan Open the Doors weekend is an attempt to reach out to those significantly distanced from the Church and invite them to come closer into the life of Christ’s Mystical Body. This includes those who have not had a significant encounter with Christ in His Church, those baptized Catholics who no longer or go to Mass on Sundays and those on the fringes of our community for whatever reason.

May God’s will be done through this project.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 10:01 am