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Monday, March 13, 2006
As the Building Fund Appeal concludes with the May collection and standing orders we feel this is an appropriate time to publish an up to date position. The following is the position at 31st December 2005.

Cost at 30th November 2003 £481,813.43
(As per newsletter dated 25.01.04)

Costs incurred from 1.12.2003 to 31.12.2005 £ 4,959.04
Costs at 31st December 2005 £486,772.47

Estimate for Church Tower repairs £ 4,750.00
Estimate for replacement Boiler £ 5,000.00
£ 9,750.00
TOTAL COST: £ 496,522.47

Payments made & Funds available @1.04.2002: £ 249,507.00
Appeal funds received at 31.12.2005 £ 235,123.00

Shortfall at 31.12.2005 £ 11,891.67

Expected Appeal Funds 5 months collection
@ £2400.00 £ 12,000.00

Christmas Raffle receipts £ 1,117.00
Christmas Raffle (expected) £ 3,250.00
Income Tax Refunds £ 4,500.00
£ 20,867.00

This would produce a surplus of £ 8,975.33

It has been decided to allow disabled and elderly parishioners to park on the Church forecourt for Saturday evening and Sunday Masses. We are advised that the present slab surface would not be suitable in the long tern and would need to be replaced by either tarmac or block paving. The above surplus should cover this cost.

It looks likes the process is going to have achieved its aims. We thank God for working through you in the great work of grace. We look forward to Cardinal Cormac Blessing our efforts at our June 24th Centenary celebrations.

posted by Sinead Reekie at 10:23 am