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Sunday, December 11, 2005
What is freely received is freely given
During our moving and well received week of Mission Fr John Edwards S.J. offered a number of important and succinct leaflets for people to take away. Copies of these are on the tables at the back of Church.

© A green “How to go to Confession.” If you didn’t get the chance to during this week we would strongly encourage you to invite God into your conscience on a Saturday here or at our Advent Penitential Service on Monday 19th. He will be gentle and healing.

© An orange A5 slip of paper with “Cardinal Mercier’s Prayer” (with a com-mentary by Fr John) which the Cardinal, with some reason, claims opens the door to “sanctity and happiness” if said in a particular way each day.

© A yellow A4 sheet on “Indulgences: How can I help the Dead?” explaining this important aspect of the Catholic faith by which we become more close-ly involved in the continual healing work of the Martyrs and other saints’.

© A blue “The Brown Scapular” A4 sheet briefly explaining the meaning of this symbol of devotion to Our Lady which has been so important and born such fruit in second millennium Catholicism. There is also a small white sheet entitled “The Aims of the Association of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.”

© An orange A5 leaflet “The Practicality of Conversion: Following the Church’s teaching on the Marital Act.” This leaflet is aimed at those who find it difficult to live Christian chastity, particularly as articulated by the Church’s prohibition of artificial contraception. It explains and suggests practical ways forward. It is based upon the four leaflets our parish issued shortly after Pope John Paul II died.

Also on the back tables are some very accessible spiritual books by Fr John and others. Monies in the basket provided please.

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