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Sunday, December 04, 2005
A Week of Grace
Our centenary parish mission starts today and finishes next Sunday. There will be two main Mission services each day, one in the morning (9:30am) and one in the evening (6:30pm).

The seventeenth century in France saw a spiritual upsurge that marked the life of the Church for a long time; it has been named the "golden age of spirituality." It was a time of reform …… The parish mission movement developed as a result of this reform. In the first decades the missions of the likes of Vincent de Paul had a double aim: to catechize the people in the rudiments of the faith and to have the people begin a new life in Christ by means of a general confession.

A mission is a preaching event. God's Word is proclaimed through the Bible and Catholic Doctrine. (Redemptorist order)

Nothing else than a continued Redemption, which, by means of His ministers, the Son of God is always effecting in the world. They, in a certain sense, support the Church, preserve her fervour, separate the cockle from the wheat, give strength to the weak, confirm the strong, raise the fallen, banish error, and overcome the wiles of the devil. (From the the Redemptorist’s statutes – inspired by St Alphonsus Ligouri)

A Parish Mission is an opportunity for a parish to set aside a week to deepen and clarify its faith response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A Parish Mission evokes a deeper faith response in the committed members, reawakens and rekindles the faith of the ordinary parishioner, and offers an opportunity to the unchurched and other Christian faiths to share Catholic belief and worship. A Parish Mission offers the community a retreat experience at a local level. (Capuchin order.)Certain special exertions of the Church's pastoral agencies, made, for the most part, among Catholics, to instruct them more fully in the truths of their religion, to convert sinners, rouse the torpid and indifferent, and lift the good to a still higher plane of spiritual effort. (Catholic Encyclopaedia)

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