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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Protecting the human will to live and to love
The Patients First Network

Recently the Mental Capacity Bill became law. This in effect made into formal law the increasingly accepted practice of withdrawing food and fluids (or even medical care) from an incapacitated patient if their “quality of life” is deemed unacceptably low by a third party. This will develop the growing strain of anti-life mentality that has crept into some areas of medical practice in recent decades. Other related legislation is on the cards (e.g. the Assisted Dying Bill) as our society slips down the materialistic slope it has found itself on.

Many people naturally want to defend themselves against being seriously down-valued, even dehumanised, through “quality of life” or “best interest” judgments. The Church indeed believes that everyone, particularly the weak or suffering, have a fundamental role and value in building the Kingdom of God on earth for heaven. God wants them to love and to be loved – not to become disposable. Hence the Christian prohibition upon killing the innocent at any stage of life from conception to natural death.

This defence needs to be done delicately and strongly. The Patients First Network is a well thought out support structure organized by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. You get a personalized card, medallion and telephone support service. It enforces a protective statement. But this (i) does not prevent treatment being withdrawn when it is not maintaining viable life; (ii) does not buy into the secular presumption that without an expressed will to live killing can be better than allowing to live.

Purple/white leaflets are on the table towards the back of Church. They explain more and include a membership application form.
On a related note please see the information inside the newsletter concerning our visit next Saturday afternoon to the Diocesan supported prayer vigil outside the Bedford Square abortion clinic.

posted by Saint Mary Magalene Church at 7:26 pm