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Sunday, October 09, 2005
An Alternative Culture
Tomorrow there is due to be a debate in the House of Lords on the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill. This Bill as currently envisaged would allow patients, under some circumstances, to be killed, for instance by a lethal injection. It comes hard on the heals of the Mental Capacity Bill becoming law which despite small concessions following Catholic lobbying has been a definite move in the Euthanasia direction (see next week for more info. on this and how to protect ourselves).

It seems that the Government is not going to oppose this Bill, despite assurances given to Archbishop Smith. So the Bill may be voted upon shortly. It is important that we contact our M.P. and a Peer (see list of peers on the noticeboard to the right of the main Knights noticeboard and then please choose one whose surname has the same first letter as yours). Also, if you have internet access go to where the All Party Parliamentary Group on Compassion in Dying have a questionnaire for all to fill out. This group has been working closely with the Voluntary Euthanasia Society. They desperately need to hear Christ’s approach to compassion. (by 21st Oct)

Intentional killing of the innocent is wrong even if the person agrees to be killed. This is because such ‘Euthanasia’ undermines the very foundations and purpose of creation and society, which is the growth and flourishing of each individual human person. This is why virtually all cultures see what is called “murder” as something which is very wrong. They recognize that taking innocent life hits at the heart of what it means to be a human person. It can never be truly ‘compassionate’.

This is just the way God has made the world. Kill an innocent person and you always, without fail, wound God's plan, and human society, as well as that person! This is Christ’s teaching through His Church from the earliest times

The Bill will probably specify that there needs to be some form of request for killing by the patient. But experts agree that, as has happened in Holland, pressure on the voluntary component mounts in all sorts of ways.
And so our anti-life culture continues to progress towards its Brave New World. Tragically abortions and family breakdown are up. Teenage suicide, promiscuity and threatening behaviour are up. A crisis of, among other things, pension provision looms because we do not allow enough children to live to replace those dying. In short we are not fostering that social and economic development which all commun-ities need to survive. Let’s swim against the flow on this one – with the live fish.

posted by Saint Mary Magalene Church at 9:04 am